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We provide affordable and reliable lasting debt solutions which includes Debt Mediation, Debt Review, Debt Review Removal, Administration Removal, Garnishee Order Removal and Corporate Debt Recovery. Should you want to know which solution is the best for you just talk to us...

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Our systems are efficient and secure, giving you the most confidential and seamless experience.

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With a national footprint of more than 100 offices countrywide, our unique range of services are designed to give you the best debt solution!

Struggling to pay back your debt?

If you are over-indebted, in arrears or blacklisted, we are here to help.

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Get Debt Mediation, a solution that keeps you credit worthy

  • Informal restructuring of debt.
  • Minimum Instalment 50% of your current instalment.
  • Payment Distribution is done immediately by a reputable group ofattorneys.
  • No Housing Bond and Motor Vehicle payments are allowed under the Debt Mediation Program.
  • You are able to stop whenever you feel you have satisfied your budget.

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Get Debt Review, a solution that secures your assets

  • Debt Review is a formal debt restructuring process aimed at assisting consumers that are over-indebted or will be, if no help is provided.
  • The Debt Review process binds consumers legally. Applicant and his/her Spouse (if married in c.o.p.) will be flagged/ blacklisted by credit bureaus once the Debt Review process starts.
  • All accounts must form part of the Debt Review process.
  • There is no limit on the Debt amount.
  • Court order protection against Assets(House/Bond, Car and Furniture).

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Why you should apply for our debt solutions

The benefits of a systemised debt solutions are endless. We negotiate with your creditors on your behalf and agree on an affordable lower monthly premiums, reducing your current premium by up to 50%. Instead of getting harrassing calls and other stressful threats we are the ones who will instead be liaising with your creditors. We are your friend in need and indeed!

We are seasoned and credible in the field of debt restructuring and reliable debt solutions that once we hear your story and have assessed you, we recommend to you the best solution that protects your assets from repossession and makes sure you are left with more money in your pocket to cater for your other basic needs. We really hold your hand through it all.

  • Protection of assets - house and vehicle
  • Take control of your finances
  • Remain creditworthy
  • Avoid blacklisting and judgments
  • Increase your savings
  • Avoid srressful calls & threats
  • Get extra money every month
  • Court order protection
  • One reduced instalment to all creditors
  • Get your Clearance Certificate
  • Removal from Debt Review
  • National footprint countrywide

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We are the number one Debt Management company in South Africa.

Credit Rescue has successfully and successively won the award for being the best in the industry, underlining years of unmatched service and care for fellow South Africans, ensuring as many people as possible are kept out of debt. We have been helping thousands become creditworthy and rescuing them from the deadly debt trap. We are ready to do the same for you.

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