Debt Mediation

The above act (NCA 34 of 2005) provides a legislated remedy for over indebted consumers (viz Debt Review).An alternative to Debt Review is a voluntary payment arrangement to pay their accounts.

The effectiveness of Debt Mediation is when it is managed on a controlled basis. It is the responsibility of all Credit Providers who adhere to Section 86 (5)(a) of the act to act in good faith in the Debt Review Process all negotiations should be designed to result in a responsible debt re-arrangement plan for their client.

The current management of Credit Rescue has been involved with Debt Re-Restructuring for over 14 years, 11 years with Bill Tolken Hendrickse & Ass (t/a Power Rescue) and the past 3 years using Debt Counselors viz, S. Olkers, A Carstens and R. Sedick. Credit Rescue have consistently built up a reservoir of practical and theoretical knowledge of the (Debt Management) industry.

Debt Mediation Process


Complete Application

Complete our sign up an application form.


Accounts Management

We taking over of all debt. We handle repayments on your behalf.


Single Consolidated Account

One single payment from Client for distribution to all.


Power of Attorney

A signed Power of Attorney is sent to you. Signifying you are under the program.


Stop direct Order deduction

Stop direct Order deduction with the client and his place of employment.


Regular Debt counselling

Regular Debt counselling by our experienced team of Debt and Legal practitioners.

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Copyright © 2020 CREDIT RESCUE. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2020 CREDIT RESCUE. All rights reserved.

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