Our Services
Pertaining to Debt Solution With Restructure

* Debt Mediation * Switch and Save
* Debt Review * Income Protector
* Debt Review Removal * Provident Fund
* Garnishee Removal * Administration Removal
* Medical Assist Plan * Family Assist Plan

    Our Services
    Pertaining to Debt Restructure

    * Debt Consolidation
    * Debt Mediation
    * Debt Review
    * Debt Review Removal
    * Debt Review Rescission
    * Car Finance Assist Plan
    * Bond Assist Plan
    * Garnishee Removal
    * Administration Removal

      "COVID-19 has negatively affected the finances of 85% of South Africans. Our debt solutions ease your burden and repayments pressure." - Abe Haroun, Credit Rescue, CEO.


      An alternative to Debt Review is a voluntary payment arrangement to pay your accounts



      Debt review is the process whereby a debt counsellor assists a client with their outstanding debt.



      We provide a service to remove these deductions as well as recouping monies paid.

      Who We Are & Our Debt Solutions

      Credit Rescue is one of South Africa’s favourite debt solution companies. We’ve helped more than 15, 000 people become debt-free since 1996. If you’ve been living with bad debt hanging over your head, it’s time to talk to Credit Rescue. Credit Rescue will be there to take care of you every step of the way. Credit Rescue has been in business providing debt solutions for more than 14 years running.
      We always act with integrity through honesty, fairness and accountability.
      Client Focus
      As trusted advisors, everything we do is valued by our clients
      We create leading-edge solutions – have a look at our services page
      We are active in the communities we serve to generate economic, social and environmental value.

      Our Clients Testimonials to Credit Rescue Debt Solution

      With an endless number of customers joining this opportunity every day. Take a peek at what some of our valued customers say.
      Aabied Kriel
      I would like to thank you for your help and that you provided exceptional service in doing what you do in the right manner and keeping me updated with everything you do regarding this matter.
      Elize Wiehman
      Thank you Ragmat for your assistance and your friendliness that makes me feel comfortable with Credit Rescue. Kind Regards
      Martin Frankie
      I hereby just want to thanks the Credit Rescue team since I join the programme. I am very pleased with your service and you brought comfort during my stressful times I really appreciate that.

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      Copyright © 2020 CREDIT RESCUE. All rights reserved.

      Copyright © 2020 CREDIT RESCUE. All rights reserved.

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